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BC Real Estate Market Things to know when buying a Duplex Property in BC Read this post if you are considering buying a Duplex Property in BC. What is a duplex? A duplex is a type of multi-family home building where there are two connected properties that both have separate entrances on a single property. Each property is considered a duplex apartment. Duplexes allow for the building of two […]
Kelowna & BC Real Estate Housing Forecast February 2023 Table of Contents The Current State of the BC Real Estate Market Forecast for BC Real Estate 2023 Kelowna Real Estate Sales & Pricing & Forecast Q1 2023 Further Links The BC Real Estate Association (BCREA) has published its latest BC Housing Forecast this week, which I will summarise here, and highlight its implications for […]
BC Real Estate Market BC Real Estate Market News November 2022 BC Real Estate Market Numbers for October 2022. In its latest BC Real Estate Market Report, the BC Real Estate Association (BCREA) reports a total of 5,242 residential unit sales were recorded by the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS® ) in October 2022, a decrease of 45.5 per cent from October 2021. The MLS® average Residential […]
BC Real Estate Market BC Real Estate 2 legislation changes coming in January 2023 The Canadian Federal Government & BC Provincial Government plan to introduce 2 pieces of legislation in January 2023 which will affect some BC Real Estate Buyers and Sellers. Here are some basic details, so that you can check whether they affect you! Ban on Foreign Buyers of Residential Real Estate in Canada From January 2023 […]
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