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Kelowna & BC Real Estate Housing Forecast February 2023

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The BC Real Estate Association (BCREA) has published its latest BC Housing Forecast this week, which I will summarise here, and highlight its implications for the Kelowna Real Estate Market.

The current state of the BC Real Estate Market.

  • Pent-up demand and household savings fuelled the BC Real Estate market in 2020 & 2021.
  • The Real Estate Market has hit a period of uncertainty due to the threat of Recession & the fastest rise in Bank of Canada interest rates since the 1990s, & which has had an immediate impact.
  • Overall Home sales in BC were at a long-term average in 2022, but since the peak (which was March 2022 in Kelowna), the Market has rapidly hit the brakes, as a result of these interest rate changes.
  • Sales are currently trending at rates 25% below normal.

Forecast for BC Real Estate during 2023 

  • BCREA are predicting home sales will remain slow during 2023, as Buyers wrestle with higher mortgage rates & the impacts of a slowing economy.
  • The housing market typically tends to lead the business cycle.
  • Recession tends to signal the start of a Housing recovery & the following year sees a strong bounce back as there will be pent-up demand and home budgets ease as Mortgage Rates start to fall.

BC Real Estate Market Q1 2023 Sales Graph

  • Sales are forecasted to be low this year at 75,150 units (down 7.1%) before rising to 93,025 units up (23.8%) next year.
  • While Real Estate Inventory is rising, overall levels remain low.
  • The abrupt shift in Market conditions saw prices fall during last year, but are now starting to stabilise.
  • MLS® average prices to trend relatively flat this year, so year-over-year comparisons will register negative for much of 2023. This will show up as negative annual price growth during 2023.
  •  Monthly price recovery is expected later in the year.

Kelowna Real Estate Sales & Pricing Forecast Q1 2023

This is how BCREA predicts the Market will be in Kelowna and the Central Okanagan area Real Estate Market.



Unit Sales Average MLS® Price ($)
Board Area 2022 2023F 2024F 2022 2023F 2024F


9,506 8,500 10,500 788,677 742,000 770,000
% Change -33% -10.6% +23.5% 12.5% -5.9% +3.8%

Source: BCREA Economics.

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